Talent Scout - $85K-$150K Roles


A HIVE Talent Scout will search for candidates in ONE city for ONE specific job which is expected to be paid over $85K annual base pay, and will report back within 10 business days with:


  1. A summary of the general availability of candidates
  2. Typical pay range for that position in that city
  3. Three anonymised summary resumes


The anonymous candidates are subject to the Candidate Introduction Agreement on this Order (see right)

Talent Scout - $85K-$150K Role

  • By paying for this service, the Buyer agrees that the individuals summarized in the report by HIVE will be considered candidate referrals, and will be subject to a search fee equivalent to 15% of their annualized pay if hired by the buyer, their company, or any of their affiliates within 6 months of buying this service.

    1. The cost of this service is deducted from the hiring fee for any candidate scouted subsequently hired by the Buyer.
    2. Buyer will be eligible to a refund of $50 if HIVE does not provide at least 3 relevant summary resumes within 30 days of this order.

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