For Job Seekers




HIVE is the way for you to get ahead of the millions of resumes on open, public Job Boards.

HIVE participants are:

  1. Seen by Companies who use and access HIVE for available talent.

  2. Accessed 'real-time' by our Recruiters.

  3. Seen by existing clients of Vertex - who have access to HIVE.


  1. Confidential Representation: Do you have a contact in a company you want to work for - but need someone to initiate a confidential link for you?  $50 (one time) fee.

  2. Resume Writing and Linked-In profile buffing: $100 (one time fee)

  3. Proactive Marketing:  Of your resume to companies/managers looking for your skills and talents: $250 (ONLY if you get hired!)

For Companies



  1. Reduce the cost of contingency hiring to 15% of base salary

  2. Find candidates faster

  3. "Scout Out" your existing and strategic expansion locations 

We will look at a specific city for a specific job/type and provide you with:

  1. A summary of the general availability of candidates based on typical search methods

  2. Typical pay range for that position in that city

  3. Three summary (blinded) resumes of real, potential candidates

If you subsequently hire one of those candidates, or you turn the Scouting into a contingency hire project and hire our candidate, the hiring fee is 15%-25% of annual base pay (based on scope/complexity of role and search), AND the Scout fee is credited back to you.  

The cost of a scouting project is less than an airplane ticket to the location!



HIVE is a database of verified talent which you can access whenever you need it.  All resumes are validated, and many candidates have already been contacted, interviewed, and considered for jobs.

Access to HIVE requires a small monthly administrative fee, and when you identify a candidate you want to approach, Vertex will deliver a full contingency Recruitment Service for only 15% of starting pay for candidates hired.

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